Listing Strategy

listing on

Listing is displaying software and software information on iPOTT.  Any software from enterprise level application to tiny mobile apps can be listed.  Software related services and games can also be listed.

  • List for visibility : list basic information on iPOTT and route the user to your website for more information.
  • List for redirecting sales : list complete details on iPOTT and redirect the user to your gateway
  • List for selling : list your software on iPOTT and use our gateway to complete the sale
  • List for exposure : ist your software in sponsored zone
  • List for focus : list your software to be the focus product of the month

You can also pick a listing bundle

  • Basic bundle : for site level strategy.    The software will automatically benefit from the site level marketing strategy of iPOTT
  • Standard bundle : for category level strategy.   The software will derive benefit form the category level marketing strategy which will get implemented on iPOTT
  • Premium bundle : for product level strategy.   Strategy will be devised based on the individual product, the target market, the demography and the benefits of the particular product.

Please submit your details to enable us be in touch.  The launch will bring out all the details and benefits of each service.  Submit your details here.