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Company details

1To display your company name
2To display email address
3To display company details
4To display company logo

List for visibility

5To display software name
6To display software description
7To display in multiple categories
8To display software logo
9To display screen shots
10To redirect to your website

List for leads

11To redirect to your site for trial download
12To allow direct demo download
13To upsell / cross sell

List to sell

14To sell online though iPOTT. Using iPOTT gateway
15To sell redirecting it to your own shop
16To sell redirecting it to the shop of Amazon etc

List for exposure & focus

17To be the product of the month
18To be displayed unders sponsored listing
19To be SEO enabled
20To be submitted to search engines
21To be published into 50+ social media & other networking websites
22To publish announcements / product launched on